My name is Nicole and I currently live in Hell's Kitchen, NYC. Although I have always been nerdy at heart, ever since my teen years I have had somewhat of a small obsession with makeup. I started out using typical drugstore products and eventually worked my way up to more high end products. With that being said, I am able to mix affordable makeup brands with more expensive ones in order to create a single, pulled-together look.

I mostly do product reviews, with the occasional tutorial every now and then. My main interests are makeup and nail art, but I may talk about hair tools/products on occasion. However, that doesn't go to say that this blog doesn't consist of personal posts as well. Aside from beauty, I am also very interested in photography and have been taking photos with my Canon Digital Rebel XT since 2007. This blog allows me to combine my passions for photography and makeup in hopes of inspiring others to go out and experiment with beauty themselves!

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