Friday, January 27, 2012

Zoya Freebie Friday Facebook Contest!

Credit: Zoya Blog
For those of you who were unaware, today was Zoya's "Freebie Friday!" Basically, this was a competition open to everyone who "liked" Zoya's page on Facebook. From 9:30AM to 3:00PM, Zoya intern Angelina asked random trivia questions about the brand and gave a prize to the first few people who answered the questions correctly. Conveniently, I just found out about the contest today after I got out of class and saw that she had already begun posting the questions on Zoya's Facebook page. Unfortunately, I did not see the first question in time to answer it. However, as I was chatting with a few friends on Facebook, a few more questions popped up in my feed as the day progressed, and I got a bit luckier with these. Below are screenshots of some of the questions that were asked as well as what I ended up winning!
If you forgot, my name is Nicole, and as you can see, I won twice! Everyone was commenting so quickly that I had no idea if I had won until I reloaded the page. Luckily, I was fast enough to snag two free nail polishes! The first one I did not get to choose and the color is "Pippa." However, the second time I did get to choose, and I chose the color "Maisie" from Zoya's new "Spring 2012 Fleck Effect collection." I am very happy with both colors, as Zoya is a truly wonderful brand. I will include some information about the company below in case you were thinking of trying out any of the products. Zoya often has really great deals, promotions, and contests so I would recommend following their blog so that you can be updated on this information when it is released! In a recent promotion, they offered two free polishes to their customers and all you had to do was pay for shipping. I ordered the colors "Trixie" and "Barbie" during this promotion, which I am still waiting to be delivered. I will do a review of all of these colors as soon as I try them out!
Zoya "Pippa"
Zoya "Trixie"
Zoya "Barbie"

Zoya "Maisie"
After seeing this contest that Zoya has created, I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to do another "Freebie Friday," so make sure you keep a look out for new contests! Many people have heard of the brands Essie and Opi, but I find that a lot of nail polish addicts often overlook Zoya because it is not readily available in many stores. However, many people  actually prefer Zoya polishes because they claim to lack the chemicals that many other brands include, such as toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. Additionally, Zoya has been awarded the longest wearing natural nail polish and comes in over 300 beautiful shades! Generally, it can only be found in more high end nail salons and spas, but it is conveniently available on their website, which offers free shipping on all orders over $55 that are shipped within the continental US. Although $55 sounds like a lot, each bottle is around $8, but you are paying for natural, quality products.

So what do you guys think? Would you be willing
to try Zoya out? Do you already own any of 
the polishes? If so what shades?


  1. i like your blog!

  2. ah so lucky! I'm going to check it out next Friday !


  3. i have one zoya polish and i adore it- that 'maisie' shade is soo pretty!

    1. They are so awesome! Can't wait for them to come!

  4. hey nicole, I just tagged you in the 11 Questions Mini Challenge & I have another award for you tomorrow! :)

    Here the mini challenge:

  5. Well done for winning! Never heard of this before! x

  6. your posts are awesome

  7. I only have one zoya polish and I want to get more. 1 coat and thats all you need. Its like magic

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  11. I definetly need to check out zoya! And this contest(: sounds awesome!

    Thanks for letting me know + I followed you! Great blog girl(:


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  13. Oh, that's awesome! Such a great idea - wish more brands did that.

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  21. great blog :) congratulatons on the win! :)


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